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Can I just love your blog? T^T it's so beautiful that I could just cry! I don't really like ig cause I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

Thanks a lot, dear! I wish I had time to start to update it again :(

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May I reblog your pics to Nakajima Yuto Baidu Tieba please?It's a Chinese fan gathering place. Your pictures are so amazing; the Chinese fans would love them to death:) I'll state your name big and clear!! Thank you very much!!

Sure :)

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The HSJ schedule hasn't been updated in a while :)

You don’t say! Thank you for telling me, or else I would have never noticed I’m being unactive ^^”” I’m sorry, I don’t have much time lately, but if you want to get always updated with JUMP schedule you can check this twitter account. It’s the best!

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I miss you on the kevin tag :( did you see him in worlds?

Aaah you’re so precious ;_; Yes, I saw him, he was great and I felt so proud as a fan! Unfortunately I got very busy with “real life” and barely got the chance to fangirl on tumblr and twitter for the past few weeks :( I’m trying to get back to my usual activity and I’ll be back in his tag as well, very soon hopefully ^_^♥ Thank you for the nice message!

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Do you know anywhere I can watch yuto-sama's doramas online? Arigato ne~

I’m sorry, unfortunately I don’t ^^’ You can grab most of his dramas from d-addicts though.

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Hi do you know what role Yuto is playing in Yowakutte Katemasu? >.<~

A 3rd year student and a member/skillful player of the baseball team coached by Nino’s character. Apparently, Fukushi Sota’s character will be staying at his house after running away from his own, so I guess they will be close friends. This is all what I know for now ^^

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why do you like inoo? ariyama are way too good for him..


First off, no they’re not.

Second, why do I like him? I’m gonna try to keep this at short story length and not novel length, but here we go.

First off, he’s probably the hardest worker I have ever seen. He inspires me to go out there and do my best too. He’s not naturally gifted - his voice is pleasant, but his range is pretty limited. He doesn’t pick up dancing quickly, either, but he tries SO HARD. At everything. He damn near killed himself trying to keep up his idol work PLUS graduate school (ARCHITECTURE NO LESS. This isn’t some sissy humanitaries degree via corresponsdence. HE WENT TO CLASS. HE SLEPT IN THE LABS.) on time, and he never once complained. In fact, he didn’t even WANT to let on that he was having a hard time, and was surprised when people noticed.

On top of all of that, he SUFFERED as a teenager. He went to high school and made no friends, he was lonely and while he glossed over it, he was bullied quite heavily. In fact, he didn’t have many friends in school at all. His only friends? They were in Johnny’s. He’s made no secret about the fact that for some reason, he wasn’t liked. Who would bully the idol? Beats me, but in high school, he was bullied. He didn’t let any of that get him down. You know, high school isn’t mandatory in Japan. He could have quit, like Yuya, who just didn’t bother. He didn’t. He stuck with it.

On top of all of that, he’s a funny and sweet kid who always says that he’d rather be positive, and make his fans smile. He doesn’t want them to be sad, and I really admire his outlook. It’s unfortunate, to me, that you think some of his best friends (and they are in fact his best friends. He said that he is closest to Daiki, Hikaru and Ryosuke.) are “too good for him”, when he loves them dearly, and they clearly love him just as much. It’s also unfortunate that you don’t seem to appreciate how much he does, and you know who he does all this for? You, and every other fan of HSJ.

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hey do you know where i can watch/download hsj's 2010-2011 winter concert???

Hi! It was never released on DVD I think? Until now they’ve released:

  • Debut concert in Tokyo Dome
  • Jump-ing tour 08-09
  • 2010 TEN Jump
  • Summary 2010
  • Summary 2011
  • JUMP world 2012
  • Johnny’s world thanksgiving (w/ Sexy Zone and ABC-Z)
  • Zenkoku e JUMP tour 2013

Shounen Club 2014.03.05

Shounen Club 2014.03.05

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Matsumoto Jun | GOO.N new CMs preview at Mezanyu 2014.02.25


I’m done with the little Kevin spam! If you’re still following me even if you don’t care about him or figure skating, thank you so much for your patience m(_ _)m XD♥