TBS' new drama 「ダークシステム 恋座決定戦」(Dark System - Battle of Love) (Original work: “Dark system” screenplay by Yuki Shuji)

Will start on January 20th at 00:28 JST.

Cast: YATOME HIKARU, Tamashiro Tina, INOO KEI, Yuge Tomohisa, Itao Itsuji

Director: Inudo Isshin (Previous works known in JE fandom: Arashi’s “Kiiroi Namida”)

Scriptwriter: Yuki Shuji

Plot: In this sci-fi suspense action film, a guy whose love interest is taken by a friend struggles desperately to alter reality, and creates the diabolical machine “dark system.” Combines two indie works by director Yuki Shuji.
Unattractive and run-of-the-mill Kagami (Yaotome Hikaru) flies into a fury when his friend Saionji starts seeing his love interest Yuri . He vows to break them up, and first he plants the bugging device “Saionji Crasher” in Saonji’s room.

pics source: momomo415